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“Interior designing is the art and science which enhances your mind”

Urban Acasa is a forward-thinking architectural design and construction company that specializes in commercial building projects and residential transformations, encompassing a wide array of services, especially interior design. With years of expertise in the industry, our team of talented designers, engineers, and skilled craftsmen is dedicated to turning your visions into reality.

Making space aesthetically livable

With meticulous attention to detail, our team integrates innovative concepts, superior craftsmanship, and cutting-edge materials to bring your vision to life. From stylish and functional interiors to breathtaking exteriors, we create spaces that inspire, captivate and exceed your expectations.


Bringing Ideas to Life

Rumah Sawah

A transformation of a house to a Modular Design Cabin idea with an aesthetic design inspired by the mid-century era, characterized by sleek lines, bold colors, and a harmonious blend of form and functionality.

Rumah Peranakan

The essence of design lies in finding the perfect balance between form and function. Harmonious, nature-inspired, balanced colors, Feng Shui Principles, and cultural motifs are implemented in the design and build of this beautiful old house.

White House

A blend of modern and contemporary interior styles in this Colonial House creates a harmonious balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability

LaCrista Hotel

The essence of design lies in finding the perfect balance between form and function, ensuring that each element within a space is both visually pleasing and practical. Thoughtful consideration of color, texture, lighting, and space is crucial in creating an environment that promotes calmness, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

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Beloved Clients


What Our Clients Say

The best part dengan Acasa ni, saya suka yang dorang involve kan kita dalam design dan construction phase, always update progress dan kalau disagree, dorg disagree with facts .. Suka betul masterbedroom saya. Sangat recommended!

Siti Jasmin Padang Temu Indah

I love how they design the house very quick based on what i verbally requested. They knew exactly what we want based on our budget and they can handle problem very well, what problem? no need to tell lah haha. Overall, Love the outcomes !

Miss Helen Rumah Peranakan

Design terbaik dan functionality mengikut keperluan dan imiginasi saya. Boleh ubah design dalam segera walaupun dan start work. Apa u nampak, itu yang u dpt 100% sama. Recommend? Kalau dari Butik ke Office HQ El Arab menggunakan khidmat Urban Acasa.

En Hosni El Arab (Boutique and headquarters)


Our Management

Led by experienced professionals who bring years of experience to the table. They are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the business run smoothly, from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic planning.

Muhammad Farhan - CEO

Muhammad Farhan


My ultimate dream is to make Urban Acasa the coolest, most awesome, and definitely the most playful provider of affordable housing solutions out there!

Syafiq Farhan


Amazing leader who takes charge in overseeing the company's operations, driving growth, and staying ahead of emerging industry trends.

Reza Shah


As a key member of the Urban Acasa leadership team, I confidently provide guidance and direction to propel the company forward in achieving its mission and vision.

Our Staff

"Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results."


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